Viking Ice contributing to successful operations in Alaska

Since early 2016 Viking Ice Consultancy (VIC) have provided services and supported its client Alcatel and the Quintillion cable laying project in Alaska. VIC has provided for a number of tasks such as marine logistics and advisory, ice management and ice and weather data and forecasting and supplying Ice Advisors on site offshore and in onshore control center.

An important tool have been the Common Operation Picture Display (COPD) system developed by VIC and its partner StormGeo. The COPD system makes it possible for the management to have all relevant and updated information available in near real-time. The system in combination with regular reports from VIC are used constantly to analyze the situation and take the right decisions. This season it was of utmost importance for the client to have the cable-laying vessel and support vessel on site immediately when the area opened up and became “ice-free”. Well in advance the ice situation was monitored by the use of the COPD and reports from Viking Ice, in order to estimate the earliest and most likely point of time possible to enter the area. Based on the analysis by VIC, such a point of time was estimated and determined. All vessels scheduling and project planning were based on the estimated date for entering the operations area. The just-in-time principle was important for the client in order to avoid spending unnecessary resources and incurred costs. It was naturally a pleasure for the parties involved when the estimated date actually pin pointed the exact best possible timing. Hence the cable-laying fleet entered the area just in time, and consequently the project obtained the longest possible operational window in the area.

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